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        Dalian Ruiguang Nonwoven Group was selected in national-level professional, skilled,characteristic and innovative"little giant" enterprises
        Release time:2021-08-18
              Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China announced the third batch of national-level professional, skilled, characteristic and innovative"little giant"  enterprises publicity list, and Dalian Ruiguang Nonwoven Group Co., Ltd. was on the list.
              The purpose of cultivation “ little giant” is to implement the spirit of important instructions and instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on "cultivating a group of small and medium-sized enterprises which is professional, skilled, characteristic and innovative and enhance their innovation ability, fulfill the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" to further promote the high-quality development of small and medium-sized enterprises. “ little giant” refer to professional, skilled, characteristic and innovative small Enterprises with good performance, potential development and cultivation value in the early stage of growth, to make sure they can growth healthy through cultivation and promotion, finally eventually become "giants" in the industry or in the region.  “ little giant” enterprise is a pioneer enterprise focusing on market segmentation, strong innovation ability, high market share, mastering key technologies, and excellent quality and efficiency.
             Technology is the core and talent is the guide. Dalian Ruiguang Group will continue to promote the innovation-driven strategy with green production, accelerate the deep integration of biodegradable product innovation and environmental protection production, make up for shortcomings in the industry, break through technical bottlenecks, and achieve high-quality development .