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        May day awards ceremony of Dalian Ruiguang Group
        Release time:2021-04-29
        On April 28, 2021, May day awards ceremony was officially held in Dalian, during the conference, leaders commend the companies and individuals that have made outstanding contributions in the past year.
        Dalian Ruiguang Group was awarded: Liaoning May day Labor Certificate
        Comment|Serve customers, benefit employees, and contribute to society
        With the outbreak of the COVID-19 in early 2020, Ruiguang Group resumed work and production at the first timing, shifting production 24 hours per day. 13 production lines were fully started. At the beginning of the epidemic, Ruiguang Group was listed in the first batch of key material guarantee company for epidemic prevention and control by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China. During the epidemic, Ruiguang Group has always follow the allocation of protect materials from the country, province and city with most priority, delivered protect materials with good quality & quantity to all parts of the country with a high sense of social responsibility and political responsibility. During the 2020 epidemic, Ruiguang Group has produced more than 1,300 tons of raw material for masks and other materials, which can be produced about 1.4 billion masks; more than 600 tons of protective clothing materials which can produce 3 million pcs of medical protective clothing; other medical materials 40 thousand tons. Donated protective materials with the value of 2.2 million yuan to the epidemic prevention and control headquarters.
        Yongchen Cui was awarded: National May 1st Labor Medal
        Comment|Ensure production wholeheartedly, hard work without regrets
        Yongchen Cui is known as the "iron man". Whenever the company has urgent, difficult, dangerous and heavy tasks, he can always charge forward and study assiduously in technology. He insists on self-learning equipment technology, non-woven textile technology and optimizes the process parameters to improve the rate of first-class products which strongly guaranteed the product quality. During the epidemic, he forgot to sleep and eat every day. Through the technical transformation of equipment, the shutdown time was greatly reduced. Through the improvement of the technical system, the production capacity of the melt blown production line increased by 45% which provided a strong guarantee for the supply during the epidemic.
        Dongzhao Gu was awarded: Dalian May 1st Labor Medal
        Comment|Innovative production, cultivate the manufacturing, promising young people of industry prosperity
        Since joining Ruiguang Group, Dongzhao Gu has been rooted in the grassroots and worked hard to lead the development of new products with the concept of green and environmental protection. He led the technological transformation of equipment with the ideas of intelligence, informationization and industrialization, and interpreting the demeanor of first-line technicians in the new ear with own practical actions.