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        Dalian Ruiguang Group will launch new & biodegradable products soon, pls stay tuned for us
        Release time:2021-03-25
             In recent years, developed countries and regions such as Europe, the United States, Japan have successively formulated and issued relevant laws and regulations to restrict the use of non-degradable plastics through measures such as partial prohibition, restriction, mandatory collect pollution taxes, and vigorously develop new biodegradable materials protect the environment and soil. From 2019 to 2020, many countries in Asia have issued plastic restriction policies, including China, Pakistan, India, Philippines, Thailand, Algeria and other countries. In the coming period, the demand for biodegradable plastics in Asia will increase rapidly.
             In this regard, Dalian Ruiguang Group has made great effort to develop a series of biodegradable products to solve environmental protection related problems.  According to the different bio-based raw material are divided into 14 types. Application areas are various include personal care, wipe, medical, industrial and other aspects.
             In addition to the biodegradability, the new products have improved the product characteristics according to different application fields to get better feeling and comfortable than conventional products when used in different fields. For example, the water absorption, water-locking and skin-friendly properties of facial mask products have been improved; The softness, antibacterial and bacteriostasis of baby products have been improved; hand feeling stiffness, cleaning ability and linting problem of Industrial wipe products have been solved. In addition to improving the environmental protection problems, the products quality and differentiation in application fields of biodegradable products have also been effectively improved.
              Innovation is the driving force for development, Ruiguang Group will continue to research and develop new products to provide customers with personalized solutions. 
              More product details will be released on Ruiguang WeChat, please pay attention.