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        Dalian Ruiguang’s Semi- Cross Lapped Production Line has Successfully Put into Production
        Release time:2020-07-17
              Ruiguang Group invested two semi-cross lapped production lines from Europe for spunlace nonwoven fabric in 2019. These two lines were officially put into production in April and June 2020 respectively.

             The semi-cross lapped production line has strong adaptability and wide application. The most important advantage is that the strength ratio between MD and CD of the nonwoven fabric from this production line is lower. And it is not easy to be deformed. We can accept the basic weight from 40gsm to 120gsm on this line.

              Products can be widely used in the applications of health, medical, garment, electronic wiping, industrial products and automobile accessories, etc. Ruiguang will continuously focus on strengthening the ability of R&D. We will supply more product solutions for our customers with the professional technology and attitude.